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Fantastic video produced by director André Gaspar (Nebula Studios) for Portuguese artist Orlando Santos.

Orlando’s new track “For Real”, featuring Kika Santos, is part of his newly released album “My Soul”.

Production: Diffuse Studios
Post-Production: Nebula Studios







A collection of “back to the camera” shots. The character stands center frame (most of the time), looking out at some epic landscape.

MUSIC: “God Moving Over the Face of the Waters” by Moby

New music from one of my favorites… keeping the work flowing!

Mercury Rising’ is the third studio album to be released by Rae & Christian. The duo weave together exceptional musicianship paired with a British song writing sensibility and the finest elements of studio production. ‘Mercury Rising’ was created at producer/musician Steve Christian’s studio in Yorkshire with additional recording at songwriter/vocalist/DJ Mark Rae’s London base.